Tips for Building a Better Church Website


When building a church website, you want the best quality of the site to reflect the values of your church. Visitors should be able to tell that it is a church website right from the start. It should also create a good impression and give a sense of belonging to everyone who visits it. Although designing a great site isn’t easy, you have to be extra careful when developing a church website in order to create something that will make the visitors proud.

A good website should offer more information to the visitors. In an era where church websites only show the church times and the location on a single page hence looking more or less like billboards, you need to implement something different. Ensure that your site offers additional information including pictures of events or any other activity that has been carried out in recent times. Designing and building such a site isn’t easy, but it is what is required to make your efforts a success.

Give the church members a sense of belonging on the church site. Include a member section that can allow them to discuss church affairs. This feature will definitely attract more church members and make them visit the site even more often. If you need to use pictures anywhere on the site, don’t go for stock photos. Simply take photos of your church members to show the visitors how they actually look like. Even if you have their photos already, don’t use them on the website unless you get their consent. This eliminates disputes and ensures the multiply theme website reflects the values of your church members.

Not everybody who visits the website is tech savvy. Therefore, focus on making the website as simple as possible to give your visitors a good surfing experience. Ensure that it is easy to navigate and doesn’t have lots of confusing pages. It is okay to develop a website with a maximum of 20 pages. Any pages more than that could make the site bulky and difficult to navigate. For more info about web design, visit

Your website belongs to your church, but the visitors will come from all over the world. In fact, if you need more visitors on your church websites, you have to practice good SEO. One of the simplest SEO techniques that you can implement on a church website is to inter-link the pages. While creating the links, make sure that they are relevant and informative. This way, you’ll not only get visitors, but also retain those who visit the site to get information.


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